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29 Oct 2020 10:47


Jack Amperes Solved it i think. the trick is in the shape of the straw. its a self actualizing siphon. this is a physics thing helped by gravity, . here a clue though , the lower fluid is of course under more pressure from above and the straws up tuned part at the lowest depth allows gravity to draw fluid back down while forced from the pressure of the fluid above the down turned end , pressure is exerted on it from above, note the straws are zig zaged, as for it repeating might it actually be close to a perpetual motion (almost anyway, evaporation and other factors will eventually have the system run out of energy), but its something that can work for hours on its own for sure, its not over unity of course, but its helped by gravity as the main input of the energy to keep it going.and air pressure im gonna buy some straws and make a vid on this sometime,

EMILY JANKOWSKI I think i get it, but holy hell jack what goes on in that brain! lol. i love it. i had to read it a few times though, ima try it

Jack Amperes hmm additional i dont think it can loop. too much energy loss

Jack Amperes hoax

JERRY WOODWARD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vq_h4myH1E

Michel from v sauce. or in this case DING

JERRY WOODWARD is that the Orion nebula?

Jack Amperes looks awesome which ever nebula it is. hope ya all ok out there during the troubled time

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Jack Amperes the power of the blob helton compels all