so i was often slated by my claim that a large water butt of magnetically treated water , if done correctly will give a atomic alignment in the water(its still water but more organized), as a side effect giving this water to garden plants enabled the plants to be more productive than the usual direct method from a garden hose pipe. it was and still is theory., but the plants did improve , and i personally have yet tpo fully understand it all, but would say its defiantly to do with atomic order v atomic disorder , now reading some physics books, i read 'Water is diamagnetic and may be levitated in very high magnetic fields'
so there is an effect on water directly from magnetic fields, just because the feild is fairly week enough not to give a visual observable side effect does not mean there isn't something going on at the micro scale., Yes i am a little crazy sometimes, but i do try and back up claims with evidence not mere claims with out evidence. Have a nice day fuckers :P

EMILY JANKOWSKI yup you are crazy that is why we loves ya!

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it could well be a common misconception that gravity is a pulling force, its very likely a push

here is why we do not encourage confirmation bias , and why we value intellectual honesty. what you are about to see is a total denial of the attributes of the very reality that makes our earth what is it. (a globe) , these attributes are measurable and observable . and have been measured and observed, this is when a belief becomes a delusion. and certainly not a theory.