Welcome to the Exploratory minds project. All memberships for our social network include a one time fee ,We are an alternative news, information source. The site is a result of a small team comprised of 4 people. We try to cover subject matter that we feel is often over looked & sometimes at the edge of research. Subjects included are from DARPA technologies,physics.,health & meditation practises to name just a few. Some of the work lead's to alternative views not to be different or deny ,but for the sake of intellectual honesty & civil debate ,with out confirmation bias..

We think is important to look at the latest developments and that there is always an edge of science where things run dry and we need to discuss theory and even a handy dose of philosophy when we run out of scientific proofs. While there remains many foolish claims within fringe/lesser understood subject matter, there can always be reasonable discussion and sense as well. No science is perfect but it is progressive, science and technology has always plateaued to a level that gives a good launch pad for more progress when we are ready.

we have integrated our pages into a social network platform. And so we invite others smarter than ourselfs to the disscusion so we may learn from each other! With that said folks who are just like us (JACKS OF ALL TRADES MASTERS OF NONE IT SEEMS LOL )are also welcomed in to join as long as you are not a person hijacked by fear and lost down the rabbit hole. We welcome your perspectives & merits of your ideas.

While at first some of our ideas and perspectives are reporting on proven and verifiable data , some other aspects may seem a little to far out there for some, but we do actually have a limit and attempt to give enough data to support our perspectives..Most important is we will also leave it up to our readers to decide and add to the research or conversation if they can.



Published on  10/12/2019