new you tube video from me will probably be a shot section on the SR72

we are brain storming an idea for monetization of groups, how this works is any group owner can have their members pay a monthly fee. 70% of funds will go to the owner while we keep 30% , thats the plant, but we will get back to you soon on any developments

we have moved to another server, if you are here , then you know theres nothing you need to do, some pople may have to flush their DNS though. but here we are, faster and a few extra bells n whistles

new update, we now have a expenses sheet for any users to privately record their own expenses through out the year

when we moved to the new host we took on the added advantage of infinite storage for media. so post you photo albums as much as you desire. ;)

ITs that time in a life time again to use code-pen. i will be adding a css menu in the social network, and editing it with , This new menu will utilize access to documents of interest for researcher's, these include fringe subject matter for bloggers as well as science papers