LIDAR (light imaging detection and ranging), May 2020

LIDAR is a relitivly new high-resolution tool used for surveying landscapes this technology is revolutionizing the world of archaeology. Many new archaeological discoveries no longer dependent only on Radar. When compared with previous techniques of surveying ruins, a team in West-Central Mexico […]

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spinal nanotech project by DARPA

Many new technologies worked on and invented by factions like DARPA , initially aim to remove a soldier from the war zone and operate remotely. Some of these tech's are using bio-chip technologies .,essentially chip tech that intergrates with biology. While the projects and theory's of further […]

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Here we go into the void of the fringe once more and find one of many seemingly separate dots that once connected make a much bigger picture. Its people like us @ the EMP and others who have a high curiously about what's next for mankind's technological advancements and have said the next major […]

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