The SR71

SR-71-Blackbird.jpg, Jun 2020

Two SR-71 aircraft was used by NASA as a testbed for high speed, high altitude aeronautical research. , an SR-71A and an SR- 71B pilot trainer aircraft were based at NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center, They had been loaned to NASA by the U.S. Air Force. Developed for the USAF as reconnaissance […]

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Gary McKinnon's hacking case and asymmetric foundations of secrecy.

The hacker Gary McKinnon had a lot of publicity during the time of an older project we ran under the name of 'the reality explorations project' , if you were a reader you will see many similarities in this sites content. The paper known as Daily Mail published Gary’s story at the time. Gary's crime […]

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Here we go into the void of the fringe once more and find one of many seemingly separate dots that once connected make a much bigger picture. Its people like us @ the EMP and others who have a high curiously about what's next for mankind's technological advancements and have said the next major […]

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