Under the current circumstances we thought it was about time we published an article that educates some very foolish people on 5G, The term 5G simply means that it is the 5th generation of the mobile phone network. this is a simple linear denominator as 4G was the 4th and 3G the 3rd respectively. Although 5G is not specifically one thing , it is in fact a whole range of designs and applications with one goal to deliver a brand new kind of mobile network.

So why 5G , whats different about it compared to its predecessors ? firstly 5G uses a higher frequency than any mobile network before it

this image below represents the electromagnetic spectrum


defendershield-electromagnetic-spectrum-701x400.gif, Apr 2020

This shows us all of the wave lenghts of light from radio waves on the left to gamma rays on the far right, The visible light that we see is the small band in the middle of the spectrum,

this is contained within a certain wave length, each colour is also represented within its own wave lenght also, to make this more clear if you think of plants that use light in a process called Photosynthesis, most plants apear to prefer to process red and blue colours and in general do not comonly prefering to process green and yellow light, and so the green is reflected by the plant , this is why we see the majority of plant life as green, the red and blue is absorbed for the photosynthesis action and the green reflected.


Another important aspect to note is as a wave lenght shrtens the frequency gets larger. But how do we measure frequency? well frequency is merely how many wave lenghts pass per second , the more per second the higher the frequency , this is refered to as HERTZ (HZ),

So when we look at things like mobile phone networks we should take a look at the things on the left of the spectrum , currently 4G acording to this spectrum, uses about 3 GIGA HZ , this is around the high frequency /microwave area, in general there are a couple of reasons to move to a frequency higher , most importanlty the current frequency bands are getting full ,

thew list that takes this up is 3G,4G , GPS satalite radio, satalite tv, to name just a few, all of these are taking up space , secondly the higer frequnecy's offer a much greater amount of data transfer, this is key in produicing a much faster mobile network. While different mobile networks will use different frequencys the whole 5G network will be using frequencys of up to 300 GIGA HZ while this sounds really high its still within that small microwave section of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Now there are people who at this point have thoughts of concern beuse their microwave oven uses microwaves , your microwave however will also use about 800 watts of power while the 5G network will only use highs of about 2 watt mas, in terms of power, so dont go worrying about getting cooked!

so is 5G as a frequency dangerous at all? well going back to the spectrum image above , if you have ever needed an xray you would have recived light waves that can fully penatrate your body this is becuse the waves are so small , at about 0.1 nano meters , 1 nanometer=1 billionth of a meter, xrays and gamma rays are thought to be the only light waves in the spectrum that can fully penatrate your body. As for microwaves there is evidence that they are absorbed by the first centermeter of your skin but becuse of the extreame low wattage power of the mobile phone networks no verifiable dammage has been observed or proven , Lets also consider that micro waves and radio waves are a form of NON-IONIZING radiation  this basically equates to them not being able to interact with electrons or atoms unlike gamma rays can.

the worlds experts claim all networks are ''possibly carcinogenic to humans '' but so is regular consuption of red meat, instant coffee, processed refined sugars ect. lets not forget there are also cancer preventive properties of some herbs and funguses as well.


thanks for reading