yes i know yet another 3D print tech article , we have news that International Business Machines Corp , who are better know as IBM, have filed for a patent relating to '3D printing on the surface of an acoustic hologram.'.This was first submitted in June 2017, the document has now been published online for public knowledge.

we think this is an incredibly ambitious invention which so like so many other 3D printing technologies are not obvious in their potential on their own but vastly paradigm shifting in terms of how it could evolve and in terms of how it can be combined with other technologies., The IBM acoustic hologram 3D printer presents the potential to fabricate a hollow object in one single step.

Although it is somewhat unusual for investigating holograms for their 3D printing potential, it's not an entirely new idea. We have news that many papers exploring the potential of laser light holograms have been in circulation since the early 90'sand possibly before then. Also we most  recently found that DAQRI a Californian augmented reality specialist has been working on many efforts to develop similar technology.

the following image is of a video clip posted by the company in 2017, a green laser hologram is shown 3D printing a paperclip from a dish filled with resin.




The main difference with IBM’s patent compared to other similar tech is that it explicitly relates to an acoustic hologram using sound, rather than the typical hologram made with light.

many have concluded that IBM's current acoustic hologram 3D printer holds more promise as a temporary way of projecting a physical object into a room, than anything permenant, this is still potentially big in design tech though, it could be used as a more physical  tool for CAD (Computer Aidied Design) models. some of the people involved in this project from IBM are Harish Bharti, Abhay K. Patra and Sarbajit K. Rakshit these people are often refered to as the method and system’s inventors. Rakshit and Patra are both known to be valuable Inventors at IBM, with a combined experience at the company of over 20 years. All the co-inventors on the patent are also listed as IBM Architects.

Many are still skeptical on this tech, however if its 1 thing we know of, multiple advances in 3D tech are (As predicted) growing more each day exponentially. 


to quote IBM's team 

'When a 3D-printing medium is applied to the surface of the hologram, the medium solidifies on the hologram’s surface to generate a hollow shell in the shape of the object to be printed.'


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Article by jack amperes