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At the exploratory minds project its our general conclusion that the ancient civilizations that left behind the monuments of pyramids (not just Egypt , these structures are all over the world) and other megalithic structures knew a lot about natures natural tendency to arrive at certain geometries ,and even replicated some of these in their art and buildings. read the 'physics-and-geometry' categories for more details on this.

Its particularly interesting that a lot of these structures are built on or near the 19.47 latitudes mentioned in the articles in the above category. Something outside of the immediate dots connected in our research only adds more curiosity about the time and way of life these people had and what their thought processes were in building these great structures that have lasted for so long. Personally to equate such large and perfected structures to the work of copper tools to cut granite and other highly dense stones seems to be a preferred fiction via denial of not understanding what we see. Certainly many of the archeologists and other authorities don't want to lose their phd or pension by claiming they are wrong about certain things. But i digress ,there is always some self interest everywhere.

A hand-clap near the base of the pyramidal structure @ thje maya temple kukulkan in mexico results in an unusual chirping echo, which is said to replicate the call of the sacred quetzal bird.

Research suggests that Mesoamerican pyramids like this in Mexico were designed to produce sophisticated acoustic effects, including the chirp of sacred birds.