Yes, this one has quite a title right?

We might seem a little biased in this , but play along and things will hopefully become more clear as we go, Let's get into it first with a simple lesson that people have been taught in schools all over. We will go over this in bite sized chunks splitting it up into several articles because this covers a huge picture of things that are fundamental and being missed in physics and other areas.

Firstly this image below represents how we are taught about dimensions in geometry, then we will be pointing out why it is fundamentally wrong. This same lesson confused our favorite theoretical physicist nassim haramein


We perceive a 3 dimensional world, these 3 dimensions are Width,Depth and Height and we always measure things that we perceive to have volume .

However the image above is trying to teach dimension 0 as something that does not exist yet this is not possible because you cannot represent something that does not exist.

The dot will have width and height already , and even depth although much less than the other 2 Dimensions , since it's a dot it would already be relatively flat , but not 2D ethier , therefore is already 3D not 0 D which makes a line ,which then makes a square, then makes a cube ,we are told the cube exist because it encloses volume. All this from an ingredient that by the way does not exist. In other words you get 3D from nothing.

This amounts to nothing more than looking like the teacher said one day 3D came out of nothing, Aditonally we hope it can be understood that any one of the 3 dimensions of an object are subject to change relative to a point of perspective , and that anyone of the dimensions being 0 results in non existance. anything with 0 depth or width or hight cant exist . After all in the image above even dimesnion 1 is a line , to be able to see the line you have to have width as well as height or thickness of that line.  to put it another way its like claiming a religious miracle.

It's the Same problem with the big bang, the big bang theory claims that all the physics as we know it today , including the physics for an explosion came after the big bang., Yet at the same time tries to claim the universe exploded into being. Also where was any physics and physical interactions for anything physical to exist before the big bang?

 what did it even exist in?

They even admit themselves it's a problematic thing , to quote

'The Big Bang singularity is the most serious problem of general relativity because the laws of physics appear to break down there,'  ;Ahmed Farag Ali

To see it another way in a layman term it's really very comical. and here it is  'in the beginning there was nothing and nothing exploded!'

As you may conclude mainstream is now considering a new theory that the universe always has been and was never originated from a central singularity or point, or lets say a dot that didn't exist ;) 

The very basic way to see this lesson would be to say the dot does exist and is already 3 dimensional and that the universe arranges these in various orders to generate all that we see, since all representations whether you claim they exist or not , really are in our reality , and that reality includes volume at all scales and therefore is already 3D.

The fundamental problem is that the Dimensions lesson is actually 100% backwards, that is that the only thing that does exist at what ever scale you wish to go with , is the dot ,but this so called dot can be divided small and smaller also. How about a perspective that the universe arranges these ''dots'' in various orders to generate all that we see. for argument sake we could say the dot is an atom. however the atom is made of smaller things. In fact It would seem there are infinitly smaller things to be measured.

As for the religious miracle view-point , its interesting that the big bang theory actually came from Georges Henri Joseph Édouard Lemaître , a catholic priest, whom Einstein told his math was impeccable but his physics atrocious. This is why the big bang actually read's more like a religious miricle than any scientific analysis. 

In part 2 we are going to get into the GEOMETRY a little more which will lead other parts , these will include infinity,zero point energy dynamics,and a little cryptology among other things.